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men,pregnancy,babies,due date calculator,baby names,miscarriage symptoms,sex during pregnancy,fertility,fetal development,pregnancy,weight gain in pregnancy,Rhesus disease,blood inheritance.


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Baby's Week-by-Week Development

Baby's Development in Pictures

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Sexual Relations During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Hormones

The Role of the b-HCG Hormone

Becoming Pregnant (How it all happens)



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Baby's Weekly Development Week-by-week view of your baby's development and your emotional changes throughout 38 weeks.

Baby's Development in Pictures

men,pregnancy,babies,due date calculator,baby names,miscarriage symptoms,sex during pregnancy,fertility,fetal development,pregnancy,weight gain in pregnancy,Rhesus disease,blood inheritance.    men,pregnancy,babies,due date calculator,baby names,miscarriage symptoms,sex during pregnancy,fertility,fetal development,pregnancy,weight gain in pregnancy,Rhesus disease,blood inheritance.

Top 10 Fears of Future Dads All men have fears during a pregnancy.  Here's our top 10.

Baby Names database. Looking for an appropriate name for your baby?  In this section, we provide a huge database of baby names from around the World, as well as a selected listing of interesting names to browse.

Understanding your partner's body changes during her pregnancy explains in detail the changes that a woman's body goes through during the nine months.

Sex During Pregnancy Q&A session discussing sexual relations during pregnancy.

The b-HCG Hormone Understand how this vital hormone works.

Becoming Pregnant A review of how it all happens.

DueDate Calculators & Personal Calendar  Calculate when your baby should be born.  Links directly into the weekly calendar.

Multiple Pregnancies  All you need to know when more than one baby is on the way.

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Understanding the hormone changes in her body during pregnancy. Due to numerous requests, here we complete the chapter on pregnancy hormones.  It explains how progesterone and estrogen (oestrogen) are produced and what they are used for.  It also provides a summary of other lesser well known hormones.


If you would like to track weight gained during pregnancy, why not try out our Weight Gain Calculator 


Everything a man (and his partner) should know about the visits to the doctor and the ultrasound scans during a pregnancy. It includes sample images of actual scans with explanations of what they're looking for. This guide shows you what to expect and how you can prepare yourself beforehand.


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Breast-Feeding Q&A Session Lots of your questions on breastfeeding answered and some details that you may never have thought of.

Food & Nutrition during pregnancy A full discussion on nutrition, vitamins (including folic acid), minerals and trace elements used by both mother and baby during a pregnancy.  Includes an outline of food hygiene precautions and what to avoid when pregnant.

Breastfeeding Myth-busting Exploding many myths surrounding breastfeeding.

Sports and exercise during pregnancy Describes the general guidelines for sporting activity during a pregnancy and gives a further detailed recommendations for various sports.

How Your Baby Gets Into Position Before Birth explains the various ways in which a baby will turn around in preparation for the big exit into the wide world.

Travelling when pregnant provides general guidelines for travelling when pregnant and gives specific pointers on various modes of transport.

Exposure to the sun when pregnant Explains the effects of exposure to sunlight during a pregnancy.

Smoking during pregnancy Describes the effects of smoking tobacco during a pregnancy.

This piece shows diagrams of various breastfeeding positions, both seated and lying down, that women can try out in the attempt to find the most comfortable and efficient method for both her and baby.

How can you know when your partner is ready to give birth? Braxton Hicks, false and true labor explains the processes behind uterine contractions in a pregnancy.

Our FAQs section has been updated with lots of your questions.

Alcohol During Pregnancy is a subject often asked about in our mailbox.  This article covers the recommendations and explains some of the problems that can arise from excessive consumption during a pregnancy.

New Baby, New Dad.  The first lesson in a new series to help new dads cope -  A Step By Step Guide To Changing a Diaper (Nappy)

This article completes the chapter on multiple pregnancies. You will find a discussion on the implications of having twins as well as a question and answer session.  The earlier installments explain the different ways that cellular division can occur with a clear description of the differences between identical twins and fraternal twins.

Ovulation Testing - How to find out when ovulation occurs.

Rhesus Disease - Causes, Prevention & Treatment Here, we explain what RH disease is and how it can be both prevented and treated.

Blood Types and Typing Blood types explained and a description of how traits are passed on via genetics

The Role Of The Father Discusses what part can be played by the man in a pregnancy. 

Early Pregnancy Loss Many couples suffer an early pregnancy loss.  This article gives clear & concise info for anyone that has endured this tragedy.

This article looks in detail at Toxoplasmosis and provides guidelines for expectant mothers who have no immunity

"Evolution in Silhouette" is the latest virtual exhibition by the renowned Belgian photographer R.Delhaye.  In this new work, his pictures describe the development of the female form during a pregnancy

 Preeclampsia provides an explanation of this dangerous condition that can appear during pregnancy

 Ovulation Date Calculator Allows one to estimate the date of ovulation based on an individual's specific menstruation cycle.

men,pregnancy,babies,due date calculator,baby names,miscarriage symptoms,sex during pregnancy,fertility,fetal development,pregnancy,weight gain in pregnancy,Rhesus disease,blood inheritance.

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