Welcome to Paternity Angel. We are a website who’s intention it is to help expectant mothers and fathers to be navigate through the sometimes complicated and confusing time of pregnancy. Feel free to browse our site to find the information that you are looking for. We’re here to help. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about one serious health risk that can substantially harm your pregnancy: Tobacco smoke and 2nd hand smoke. While there are many types of various pregnancies out there, one must be careful not to engage in behaviors which may result in an increased risk of complications during pregnancy. Even if the father smokes tobacco cigarettes, this can complicate matters by the mother (and the baby) inhaling 2nd hand smoke. If alternative smoking cessation programs are not viable to the father (such as the nicotine patch or the “stop smoking pill”, such as Chantix) then the father should look into electronic cigarettes.

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Let’s start out with the basics. During the third and final major ultrasound session, your obstetrician will ascertain the position of your baby. In the majority of cases of first-time mothers, the baby will settle into a position during the 7th month. It can occur slightly later with women that already have a child. 95% of babies will position themselves head-down in the mother’s basin. The most important thing is that they are in a vertical alignment and not laying sideways (transversal). The reason babies turn around is because they begin to have less and less room available in the womb as they grow larger. This means that the baby needs to find the most comfortable position, which is usually with it’s largest body parts (rump and legs) in the largest part of the uterus, i.e. the top of the maternal abdomen. … Another small detail: babies have a tendency more to position themselves on the left at the back (mother’s left)…

The various types of presentation are as follows:

The Cephalic or Vertex Presentation – In the vertical position, with the head inclined and installed in the basin with legs folded in the high part of the uterus. This is the position that 95% of babies adopt before birth and usually results in a normal vaginal delivery.

The Seated or Full Breech Position – In the vertical, with the buttocks in the basin and legs folded. The head stays in the upper part of the womb. Breech presentations occur in less than 5% of deliveries. A normal vaginal delivery is still normally possible unless complications with the umbilical cord occur.

The Frank Breech Presentation – As with seated breech position except that the legs are mysteriously held straight and point upwards.

NOTE: There also exists a foot and knee breech position. This is when one foot or knee presents itself before the buttocks.

The Transverse Position – This is an extremely rare position for a baby to take. He/She remains lying, the first part of the body to present itself is the shoulder. In almost all cases like this, a cesarean section delivery is required.

The reasons behind a baby not turning around may be due to:

      – Premature birth – not enough time to turn around.

– If a baby accidentally turns to the ‘full breech’ position, it can be difficult for him/her to turn around afterwards.

– Too much or insufficient amniotic fluid can mean that the baby cannot move freely.

– A womb which is shaped so that it is small at the top can restrict the baby’s movement.



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