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Understanding the changes in your partner's body during her pregnancy - 1. 

Month One:  

Subtle Changes and sickness

Within the first few weeks after conception, there are usually not that many signs that indicate the presence of a future baby, except maybe that at the end of the second week she wants to sleep for a month. In some cases women may experience a little tenderness or tingling in the breasts or a little nausea.


By the third week after conception, many women feel nausea in the morning or early evening.


By the end of the first month, her breasts will be slightly larger.  However, be careful with them as they are likely to be quite tender.


Month Two:

Beginning to show... a bit. 

A little extra weight is often taken around the hips in the second month, the breasts become firmer and a little bump in the front can begin to appear.



Between 2 and 3 months



The umbilical cord is being formed during this time, so even if it doesn't seem that she looks so pregnant, it can be a very tiring time for your partner.


By the end of the second month, there is about 4 times the normal levels of progesterone and estrogen hormones swimming about in her body, so you can expect some major mood changes any time from now to the end of the pregnancy (and beyond).


Another consequence of these hormone changes is that food aversions/cravings can manifest themselves.






















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