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Couvade - The Modern World 


An Historical Perspective

Couvade in the Modern World




Couvade still exists, but in a different form.

Even though ritualistic Couvade has still been reported during the twentieth century, in the most part of the modern western world the practice no longer



Having said that, the term 'Couvade' is applied in medical terms to the psychosomatic condition of sympathetic pregnancy. The man will suffer symptoms when no physiological basis exists.


The manifestation of the condition can vary widely.  Anything from simple weight gain to back pains during pregnancy and stomach spasms during birth.  As many as 80% of expectant fathers can experience Couvade in some form or other, although only a very few will display the more dramatic symptoms.



Symptoms of Couvade can include:

It seems that the symptoms are most profound during the third & fourth month then again just as the birth approaches.  All symptoms seem to disappear after the birth.



The reasons for the manifestation of Couvade in modern man is of course poorly understood.  Many theories exist for the onset of this psychosomatic condition, here are a few:

As you can see, there are many alternative theories, so pick one that most suits your character.


The best way to fight Couvade is to firstly understand that it really does exist and that it is simply a basic human reaction to the pregnancy.  The next thing to do is to try to understand why you are reacting in the way you are.  Most men show only very mild symptoms, so unless you feel the baby kicking inside of you or you need pads for your leaking breast milk, then you don't really need to worry.


Couvade is becoming more common in the western world with the social changes that have taken place in the last thirty years that now allow the man to take a more active and caring role in pregnancy. The most common manifestation of Couvade is caused by the deep empathy that you have towards your partner and the changes that she is going through.




An Historical Perspective

Couvade in the Modern World





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