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Becoming Pregnant 

- How It All Happens -

Based on the French version at

Roughly translated and reproduced by kind permission of the author.  


So!  If you have reached this far, you have probably either decided to try to have a baby (in which case "Congratulations on your new project in life!") or you have found that an unplanned pregnancy is afoot and you are scurrying all over the

place in a panic, trying to gather as much information on the subject as possible. Either way, after all these years of practicing 'the art', the reality of it all arrives now!


This article will describe the workings of the body, how the act of becoming pregnant actually happens and how to find the ideal time to make a baby.  Even though the act that results in pregnancy is usually far from unpleasant, it is worth nevertheless to know how to concentrate your efforts!


For a quick review of female anatomy , see the diagrams of the female reproductive system.


Much here will be simple revision of what most learn in school, but it's never a bad thing to get back up to speed.... Maybe there's some stuff you've forgotten.


The Chapters


1. The Feminine Cycle

2. The Man's Contribution

3. The Fertilisation

4. How A Girl Or Boy Is Created

5. Marking the Ovulation Time

6. Calculating The Due Date Of Birth

Annex.  Female Anatomy





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