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The Father's Role In Pregnancy 

1. Being Involved

2. Different Types of Dads

3. Time Spent with Your Baby


There was a time when the father’s role in a pregnancy was limited to driving his screaming partner to the hospital, to pace nervously around the waiting room and to distribute the customary cigars. Those days seem to have disappeared forever.

And you know what? “Good thing too!” 

Being heavily involved during the nine months of pregnancy is probably the best way to not only assist your partner through the traumas of it all, but also to feel a sense of participation for yourself. The first thing to do is read the pages on this web site so that you have a clear picture of what's going on within her body. But it doesn’t stop there… 

 Keep a track of the growth of the fetus ( you can use the personal calendar and the weekly guide). Let her know how much you enjoy seeing the changes in her body (See Do men find pregnant women attractive?). 


Try to feel the baby’s first movements. Talk to your baby as much as possible to provide an association when he/she emerges into the world (your voice will truly be recognized very soon after birth when it is remembered). Play music and read aloud so that another association can be made. Having said that, I’m not sure if you should try to teach French whilst still in the womb.

If she stops smoking, then try to stop or cut down yourself. Drink less alcohol so that your partner doesn’t feel left out when you drink the whole bottle of wine at the restaurant whilst she takes a Perrier. If she begins to exercise, then do some with her. 


If you are a lazy #*#+*%!* then do some grocery shopping and help her with the housework. And when she wants to eat at 2am, get up and prepare whatever she wants, (this last one is simply good practice for after the birth).

If you can't get to all of the meetings with the doctor, always try to be at the scans.  You will regret it if you miss them! 

Talking about the pregnancy with your partner is invaluable. Discussions on the baby’s name, the decoration for the nursery, the type of car seat to buy, the type of nappies/diapers to use, the hospital/clinic to go to, the choice of bottle or breast-feeding… the list is endless.

Helping with the birth is a relatively new phenomenon for most men but is now accepted as common practice in most countries. Going to the childbirth classes (antenatal classes) can sometimes help you to understand what you need to do to assist your partner in trying to relax during the birth. Your level of involvement is up to you. Some men don’t like to be so close that they need to catch the baby or even see it coming out, whilst others are extremely enthusiastic for the drama of it all and need to be kept under control by the mid-wife. 

1. Being Involved

2. Different Types of Dads

3. Time Spent with Your Baby


If you are interested in a video on this subject, then see "Honey, I'm Pregnant, Too! - A Pregnancy Guide For Men" at http://win-edge.com/PregnancyForMen.shtml




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