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8. Do men find pregnant women attractive?

Occasionally, a few men are repelled physically by their partnerís shape. It is something temporary and should not be considered as rejection. On the other hand, most men find that their partner is even more beautiful during the gestation time which may well be in part down to a physical attraction to the essence of

femininity he sees in his lover, however it is probable that this attitude has not so much to do with her physical appearance as other more deep-rooted emotions.

9. Why does she not want sex with me anymore?

For the first three months of pregnancy (and often the last two also), it is normal that women have an altered attitude towards sexual relations with their partner.  Tensions between you can grow as a result and as with any other matrimonial disagreement, the healthy solution is normally to reach some form of accommodation by talking about it.  To sulk about it helps nothing; to shout does even less.  Remember that she is experiencing many physical changes in her body including massive hormonal changes that directly effect mood.  It is important to realise that just because she rejects the idea of sex when you suggest it, this does not mean that she is rejecting you! 

By being gentle in your caresses, less frequent in your demands and suggestive of more comfortable or alternative solutions, then maybe you can find a compromise that suits you both.

Of course, both of your sexual appetites can be fed in more ways than straightforward intercourse; You can masturbate each other, or yourselves with each other, vibrators and oral sex are often good options also, but be sure that vibrators are used within her comfort zone and that if you have oral sex with her you should never blow air into the vagina (this can cause blood flow obstructions and is VERY dangerous). 


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Do men find pregnant women attractive?

Why does she not want sex with me anymore?





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