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I have been looking all through the net for the answer to this question, I have also read many books. They all say it's ok to continue sexual intercourse during pregnancy because it's almost impossible to hurt the fetus.. But what if your mate's penis is *extremely* large? I can feel it hitting my uterus. I felt it hit mid-stomach BEFORE I got pregnant. Is this ok? Should I stop? He's embarrassed to ask a doctor, and refuses to let me, even stating he will stop having sex before he will ask. What should I do?! 

Size wise, we're talking about 10 1/2" and 3 1/2" thick.
TOO big for sex?


Whatever size his penis is, the story is the same... When you have sex during your pregnancy, you must be in control of the situation. Try these guidelines:

  • Forget the missionary position with him on top.

  • If you feel pain near your uterus, draw back from him so that it becomes more comfortable for you.

  • Try new positions that allow you to control the penetration depth.

  • Try other ways to please each other.

It is still safe for you to have sex with your well endowed boyfriend, just be sure that he knows that he must listen to what you say about the comfort level.



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