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Your Baby's Development in Pictures

Back To Picture Gallery1st Trimester


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    1st Trimester                 2nd Trimester                3rd Trimester


The following sequence of pictures shows an overview of the development of a human from fertilisation, into embryo, then foetus and child.  Some pictures are photographs and some are ultrasound images.  You can jump to a more detailed description of events by clicking on the weekly number above each picture.


Select from the list below:


Jump to the 1st Trimester - Part 1 - From fertilisation to the 7th week of pregnancy.

Jump to the 1st Trimester - Part 2 - From the 9th week of pregnancy to the 13th.

Jump to the 2nd Trimester - Part 1 - From the 14th week of pregnancy to the 21st week.

Jump to the 2nd Trimester - Part 2 - From the 22nd week of pregnancy to the 24th.

Jump to the 3rd Trimester - Part 1 - From the 25th week of pregnancy to the 29th.

Jump to the 3rd Trimester - Part 2 - From the 29th week of pregnancy to getting ready for birth.




Back To Picture Gallery1st Trimester




The 3-Dimensional Ultrasound images seen in the sequence were found at http://www.3dsono.net which is the website for the CYBER 3D ULTRASOUND SOCIETY and  have been reproduced with permission.  The name of the producer of each image is named under each one; each contributor to the site has a homepage within http://www.3dsono.net.






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