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Doctor Visits During 1st Trimester.



The first visit to the doctor may only require that a confirmation b-HCG blood test is performed to confirm the results of the home pregnancy test. (See the article on  b-hCG Levels in Pregnancy for full details). However it is quite likely that the

obstetrician will use the time to record several details also. If a confirmation blood test is requested then a second follow-up visit will be required soon afterwards.


What the doctor records:  

During either the first or second visit, blood pressure, weight, height and pulse rate will all be recorded.  This is all pretty straightforward and every man has probably had the same measurements taken on themselves, so no big shock. 


What many men find a little awkward is the first time that the doctor asks their partner to step up into the seat and put her feet in the stirrups that are at either side.  This leaves her in a position where the doctor can proceed to examine her vagina at close range and also to insert his/her 'plastic gloved' fingers inside of her.


No need to worry, this is all standard procedure; here's what's happening:  

The following is a list of other details that will probably be asked for in these first visits:

Some or all of the following tests will also usually be needed:

There are other specialised tests available for high risk groups (e.g. sickle-cell anaemia) and people that have herpes. There is also a standard Rhesus antibody level check for women who are RH negative, (see article on Rh Disease for details).


Except for during the first scan, where you will be able to get the first look at your child and see/hear its heartbeat banging away at up to 150 beats per minute. (See the following page), for the rest of this trimester the checks are normally pretty straightforward:  A few questions, a quick check that the cervix is remaining closed (in the stirrups again), vitamins are prescribed and the occasional re-test is ordered.  


But sometimes, that's not all...  during a standard meeting if a Doppler device is used against your partner's belly and the signal is amplified, when the room is filled with the sound of your child's heartbeat, the emotions can get pretty powerful.  To hear what this sounds like, try this link.




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