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Visits To The Doctor in 2nd Trimester.



Each month during the second trimester, more doctor's office visits are needed.  These tend to be fairly straightforward and routine.  They normally start with

questions from the doctor about how your partner is feeling and whether she has excessive tiredness or pains anywhere.


Depending on your particular doctor and the medical history of your partner, she may be asked to take blood and/or urine samples to make follow-up checks on protein levels, sugar levels, Rh antibody levels, etc.  These are sometimes done in the doctors office or sometimes she is asked to go to a clinic or a laboratory. 


The weight gained since the last visit will always be checked.  This is becoming more and more important for today's doctors.  Problems raised through excessive weight gain include increased stress on the joints, heart and back.  It can also make the birth more difficult as well as increasing the risk of developing and being a first sign of pre-eclampsia

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Recommendations for the amount of acceptable weight to gain during a pregnancy varies from country to country.  In Europe, it is generally suggested that a gain of about 1 Kg per month is good (that's 2.2 pounds per month) which adds up to about 9 Kg (20 pounds) for the full nine months. In the USA the recommendations tends to be between 25 and 35 pounds (11.3 Kg and 15.9 Kg) for the full nine months which comes to between 2.7 and 3.8 pounds per month (1.2 Kg and 1.7 Kg per month of pregnancy).  Of course, the weight gain doesn't usually arrive in a smooth fashion.


Extra Vitamins are often prescribed in the second trimester.  In some countries where the diet is generally poor or fresh seafood is not easily available, Iron supplements will be offered.  In places where the diet is generally good and varied, a supplement of Magnesium is often prescribed.


Another appointment to be kept during the second trimester is the "Triple Test" (or multiple marker screening), which normally needs to be done at a specialized clinic or hospital that have the equipment & procedures in place to perform this screening.


If you and your partner have chosen to perform either an Amniocentesis or CVS sampling procedure, then this will take place during the second trimester.  See the article on Genetic Testing Options in Pregnancy for full details.


The really big meeting in the 2nd trimester is the second scan.  Go to the following page for details and a few pictures that explain what is going on.



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