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Visits To The Doctor During Pregnancy





If this is your first experience of a pregnancy, then you will need to prepare yourself for the visits to the Doctor.  Most women are accustomed to the type of examinations that are involved, but for a man it can be quite an eye opener.


Get to as many of the visits as possible. Seeing what goes on and understanding the procedures involved is the perfect way to share in your partner's pregnancy, also you won't miss out on seeing and hearing your baby as he/she develops.


There are many meetings to attend and some are more important than others, so to miss a few is not always a big deal, but you should never miss out on the scans, otherwise you will definitely regret it afterwards.  


The schedule for visits varies slightly between countries and sometimes the big "scan" visits are done separately or even at another location with another doctor.  The general outline plan goes something like this:

Details of what to expect at each stage and how a man (and his partner) can prepare for these visits can be found on the following pages:



1. Doctor visits during the 1st trimester 

2. 1st trimester ultrasound appointments

3. Doctor visits during the 2nd trimester 

4. 2nd trimester ultrasound scan - Part 1 

5. 2nd trimester ultrasound scan - Part 2 

6. 2nd trimester ultrasound scan - Part 3 

7. Doctor visits during the 3rd trimester 







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