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The Weight Gain Calculator


Weight gain is different for each woman and for each pregnancy. This calculator provides only a general guide to a woman's expected weight gain during her pregnancy.  It takes into account her normal height and weight prior to the pregnancy and suggests a range that should be consistent with her morphology.


Step 1.  Enter normal height in 'feet and inches' OR 'Metric':

Metres            OR            feet   inches   



Step 2.  Enter normal weight before pregnancy in either pounds OR kilograms:

Kilograms             OR                 pounds  



Step 3 Select how many months into the pregnancy?



Step 4 Now simply click on this button for your calculation ->




From the information supplied, the calculator suggests that a reasonable weight range at this stage of  the pregnancy should be:

Between and Kilos    OR    Between and pounds


Remember!  This is only a guide and is intended for fun.  If the results do not match your weight, please don't get stressed about it as every individual has a different weight gain that is perfect for them.  If you have any concerns about your weight gain during pregnancy, please consult your medical practitioner. 


Your information will be remembered by the calculator next time you come to this page (if you have cookies enabled). 


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